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Situated within a purpose built 5500 sq ft facility, Origins Fitness boasts over £100,000 of heavy duty commercial gym equipment supplied by one of the UKs top fitness companies. We have everything you need no matter what your goals are.

From treadmills and cross trainers, to free weights and fixed resistance, we have it all! Not to mention our supplement shop, private PT studio, fantastic shower and changing facilities, free car parking, secure lockers and a large outdoor training area. Origins make it that little bit easier to get those fitness gains!

Fitness and nutrition advice

Diet and nutrition advice / WhatSUP?

It's a minefield when it comes to diet and nutrition, especially when it comes to supplementation, that's why we have created WhatSUP.

WhatSUP is a small supplement shop that only contains products that have been tried and tested by industry experts. This, coupled with the advice from our nutrition experts, we can create a diet plan that is specific to you and your goals, with supplements recommended if needed, to assist your body in recovery, energy, nutrients.

Our Origins / in the beginning

It started with a vision to rid the fitness world of all the nonsense spoken about fitness and diet and on September 2011 Origins Fitness was born...

Pamela and Graham set out to educate individuals lifestyle choises in health and fitness, diet and nutrition whilst making it as fun and affordable as possible.

As qualified personal training instructors we helped individuals with eating plans, stretching and weight loss adding the fun through personal training, body blitz circuit classes & breakdancing!

This unique way of training clients, fulfils our promise to make it fun, educational and not to mention beneficial, to each individual clients' needs.

From working within a gym, to renting their own personal training studio in Paisley, we worked hard and set our sights on eventually owning a fully fledged gym within 5 years. Only 10 months later, thanks to the popularity of our studio and dedication of our clients, we got that chance and opened the Origins Fitness Gym in Hillington Park.

Word has spread quickly! The buzz around bringing our own unique style of training to a 6000 sq ft gym was amazing and the warm welcome received from the Hillington Business Park, has help us to make an immediate impact.

If we managed to do all this in less than 5 years, just think where we will be in the next 5!

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Everyone's welcome at Origins Fitness Gym & Personal Trainers

Young or old. Fit or unfit. It's all good. We love helping our customers to be eat well and be active.


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