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Team Origins was formed when we opened the new Origins Fitness Gym, Graham and Pamela realised that they needed some of the best PTs around to keep the reputation of the company up to its amazingly high standard that has propelled them from working for gyms to owning gyms!

Danny and Derek were approached before the gym was even opened, they both had everything and more of what they were looking for, the correct knowledge, attitude, approachability and qualifications. They both jumped at the chance to join Origins and build the company from day one of the new facility.

Now all Team Origins needed was a level headed manager with an eye for noticing the smallest details, and they knew Shelly was the woman for the job! Not only did she have two degrees but a passion for fitness.

When you walk into Origins, you get the feeling the team have been working together for years, it's one of those places where all the staff are great at what they do individually, but as a team, they are unbeatable!


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