Meet Pamela

Personal trainer

Supreme Chancellor of Gains!

Meet Pamela, Supreme Chancellor of Gains!

Starting out as a sports centre attendant led Pamela to be noticed by the SDU (Sports Development Unit) due to her personality, attitude and general ability to turn her hand to anything "sporty".

From here, Pamela gained qualifications in Basketball, Badminton, Boccia, Football, Hockey, Tops Play and Outdoor Pursuits and is also an Assistant Coach for Gymnastics within East Renfrewshire.

Training to become a Gym Instructor came naturally to Pamela as she has a tendency to "research the hell" out of things, and is a 5ft powerhouse of muscle due to 7 years of headspins, backspins, and countless freezes and all things b-girl (or the media coined term, "breakdance" to the un-initiated).

Pam specialises in weight loss through high intensity training, utilising the fact she is a kettlebell and official registered TRX instructor.

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