Paisleys multi award winning gym

Strength beyond measure

Voted "Renfrewshires Favourite Business" two years running! at the ROCCO Awards

Voted "best Gym in Glasgow" at the MOVEGB Awards.

Shortlisted as "Scotlands Best Regional Gym" at the National Fitness Awards.

Runner up "Glasgows Best Indipendant Gym" at the Glasgow Awards 

Runner up "Scotlands Best Regional gym" at the National Fitness Awards"

Runner up "Glasgow Best Fitness Facility" at the Glasgow Awards.


SHRED90 V1.0

Your 90 day home workout plan.

Our exclusive SHRED90 plan is designed to have you moving more, sweating more, burning fat and all from the comfort of your house!

With the plan, you will recieve our unique e-book, packed with meal ideas and discount codes, a fitness test, worm up, 90 day plan and more!

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With the current coronavirus outbreak, Origins wants to give back to our friends.

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